We are very literally a mom and pop business. Husband(cliff), wife(angela), and three kids...dakota(son), sydney cheyenne(daughter), and aiyana(our little spitfire 6 year old). Cliff is originally from a little podunk town in the sticks North Florida, and Angela is from a little pudunk town in the sticks of VA. We are now based out of the Tallahassee area. 

   Our family has a tremendous love of the outdoors. We love hiking, camping, fishing, shooting, and just generally enjoying nature and all of the things God has blessed us with in this wonderful world, and just well....the simple things in life. 

   Here is the story of our brand. We launched our store on Facebook nearly 3 years ago, and it has been such a wonderful experience interacting with y'all on our page. We always love cuttin up with everybody in our posts and just overall having a good time. It still astonishes me the number of fans we already have on there! The response to our page and store has been mind-blowing and we knew we needed to do something to create a brand around the things we loved so much. We were on a hike one day with the kids, and Cliff looked over at our daughters in in their camo and boots stomping through a creek and said something about them being "country bumpkins".When we were trying to come up with a suitable name for our brand, we went back to that moment. That was it....that was the name for our brand. We wanted the name of our brand to reflect the simple life. We absolutely love this stuff, love this store, and as a family run company we believe in making and selling quality products and providing top notch customer service. We love people and go out of our way to make sure folks are taken care of and that we run our store with integrity. :) 

   In the last year, we sold our home and nearly everything we owned and bought an RV and began to run our entire online store from it. We are about to embark on a trip around the USA for what will probably be about 2 years. It is going to be interesting running our store while traveling, but we are gonna make it work. :) We look forward to meeting up with some of y'all along the way! 

Have a blessed day
- Cliff and Angela(and kids) from Country Bumpkin