Bumpkin Bundle 3 - 1 bark camo, 1 pink camo, 1 tree camo shorts, 1 leaf camo, 1 blackout

$124.95 $160.00


Our leggings have been so popular and so many customers have been coming back to buy more that we decided to do some bundles with some huge  discounts! If you already have our tree camo leggings and want to get some different prints, this is a great bundle for you!

In this bundle you will get the following: 
1 Pair of bark camo leggings
1 Pair of  tree camo shorts
1 Pair of pink camo leggings
1 Pair of leaf camo leggings
1 Pair of  blackout leggings 

To buy all of these separately it would be almost $165! Get FIVE pairs now for only $124.95. Thats a whoppin' nearly 25% discount!